BMS Silicone Single Turbo Filter for 4" Turbo Inlet

Product Description

BMS Silicone Single Turbo Filter
Tired of trying to power 600-700whp through a tiny K&N filter? Tired of typical urethane filter flanges melting to your turbo and falling apart after a couple of months? Introducing the BMS heavy-duty single turbo filter for 4" Turbo inlets. This all high-temperature silicon filter is designed to stand up to the heat and rigors of being installed directly to a turbo flange and offers 60% more surface area than the typical undersized K&N RU-2510 filter.

The standard filter has a 4.5" height and for those with a little less room, we also offer a "shorty" 3.75" version. We've found the 4.5" height fits the FFTEC top mount single turbos while the VM top mount single requires the "shorty" version. For bottom mount and other kits measure ahead of time. Features and Benefits
• High-Temperature automotive silicone won't degrade with heat
• Available in Blue or Red
• Great for use with BMW N54, N55, & B58 single turbo applications
• Universal Application for 4" Turbo inlets or intake pipes
• Cleanable and Reusable

$ 59.00
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