Product Description

Are you running meth or planning to run meth but want better control, distribution, and additional capacity? If so, this kit is for you.

Our Direct Port Meth Injection (DPMI) kits have six individually controlled methanol compatible injectors that are boost and RPM referenced so the days of on/off meth control or trying to control meth flows by varying the power signal to the pump are gone.

What is direct port meth injection?

Direct port meth injection is a kit that is installed between your intake manifold and the cylinder head to provide you with better control and more flow potential to each individual cylinder. If you are currently running meth this provides more accurate distribution and control than standard charge pipe injection. In addition our standard kit will connect to your existing 1/4" methanol line if it's already installed.

What does the kit include?

Our DPMI kit includes the following:

Direct Port Methanol Injection Spacer featuring:
100% Billet aluminum construction
Anodized aluminum hardware for compatibility with methanol
Six 500cc methanol compatible injectors
Additional ports on the methanol rail to supply charge pipe injection should you choose
Six OEM gaskets to install the new spacer
Seven extended bolts to mount the spacer and intake manifold
36" Stainless Steel braided -6an methanol line
-6an to 1/4" tube adapter
Replacement couplers for your intercooler
What additional components will I need? (If you don't currently have a methanol kit, we'd suggest purchasing one from Burger Tuning)

Methanol tank
Methanol pump
FSB (Pump controller)
1/4" methanol line
Methanol Port Injection Controller
Do I need a solenoid?

No, not for a standard installation. If you wish to run a small meth nozzle in the charge pipe for IAT suppression, you can do so with the addition of a solenoid, meth line, adapter at the meth rail, and nozzle in the charge pipe. If you choose to do this, we'd recommend a very small nozzle such as a CM5 or CM7.

Will this fit my car?

If you are driving an E-Series N54 or N55, yes. In addition, if you are driving an F-series N55 it will also fit your car. If you are driving an F-series M3 or M4 (S55), please see our specific listing for that platform that can be found here...

$ 1,239.95
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