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Are you running more E85 or making more power on pump gas than your HPFP (High Pressure Fuel Pump) can support?

Looking for an inexpensive option to supply more fuel?

Then this option is for you!

For those of you that are looking for a budget conscious kit but don't want to sacrifice performance or reliability we have developed a DIY port injection option for your N55 F-Series. This kit will provide you with the additional fueling capacity that you need to run E85 on your stock or upgraded turbo at a bargain price!

All of our DIY kits feature the following:

Optional fuel return port
Optional boost reference port
100% billet aluminum construction
Machined to clear HPFP hardline line
OEM gasket grooves with gasket retention tabs
45 degree injection angle on all cylinders for better fuel distribution across both intake valves. (No cylinder 1 offset spraying the intake runner wall)
In addition our DIY kit offers a multitude of options that lets you configure a kit to meet your power goals and still stay within budget! Simply follow our easy step by step selections to complete your custom kit.

Step 1: Choose Your Platform

Let us know what car you'll be installing your new port injection kit on so we can configure your options accordingly.
Step 2: Choose Your Injectors

Our kits require Bosch 42mm injectors and we have two flow matched options for you to choose from.
550cc injectors are recommended for up to 700whp on E85 or 600whp on methanol
750cc injectors are recommended for over 700whp on E85 or 600whp on methanol. Other than the additional expense there aren't any drawbacks to running the larger injectors.
Step 3: Choose Your Fuel Source

I will be running upgraded fuel lines
Select this option if you will be doing a fuel linen upgrade of supplying your own lines.
Low Pressure Fuel Line
Select this option if you will be tapping in to the stock low pressure fuel system and we will include our exclusive Cam-Lock! fuel fitting that can be installed just before the HPFP.
Methanol Kit
If you will be running methanol as your secondary fuel source, select this option and we will include a 36 inch -6an stainless steel braided fuel line and adapter for your existing 1/4" meth line.
Step 4: Upgrade Your Fuel Lines

Select this option to upgrade your stock fuel lines to E85 compatible -6an fuel lines (requires that you have selected the Low Pressure Fuel Line as your fuel source).
If you already have our ethanol sensor, let us know when you order and we will cut your line to the correct length and install the correct connector for you.
Stage 4 LPFP coming soon...
Step 5: Add an Ethanol Sensor and Bluetooth Analyzer (requires upgraded fuel lines)

Select this option to run an ethanol sensor and our Bluetooth analyzer to read your ethanol content.
There are three options to read your ethanol content when using our ethanol analyzers:
Bluetooth only
Bluetooth and JB4 integrated (0-5 Volt)
Bluetooth and 50-150hz Raw Signal
Bluetooth (Iphone or Android app must be purchased to use this feature)
If you are using an Apple product the app can be found by clicking here
If you are using an Android product the app can be found by clicking here
Step 6: Choose your port injection controller

To run port injection you MUST run a port injection controller as this is what controllers the additional injectors. We offer 3 options:
BMS JB4 controller
We recommend this option if you are running a JB4 as it integrates directly with the JB4 and can not operate without a JB4.
Split Second Flash Only
If you aren't running a JB4, you'll need to select this option.
Split Second JB4 Integrated controller
This options if for those that are running a JB4 and for whatever reason don't want to run the BMS controller.
All controllers for the F-series include a new OBDII cable for the RPM signal
Step 7: Return Kit

Coming soon...
Step 8: Basic Port Injection Assembly, Setup, and Tuning

You are purchasing a Do It Yourself port injection kit. As such, the kit will need to be assembled and we will provide technical support for hardware assembly and installation. However we do not provide port injection tuning support for DIY purchases. If you would like your kit to be assembled and you need assistance with fueling related tuning, you'll need to purchase this option.
Included with your purchase is:
Fuel rail assembly
90 days of port injection email tuning support to include:
Log reviews and input
Port injection controller map adjustments
BMS MHD Backend flash fueling adjustments
JB4 tuning assistance
Not included with this purchase is:
Remote tuning
Custom flash tuning
We can not adjust fueling on locked custom flash maps
Once you purchase this option, please email us at with your order number for assistance.
Our basic DIY kit includes: (Basic kit does NOT include fuel lines or injectors)

Fuel-It! custom spacer for the intake manifold
Fuel-It! custom fuel rail with integrated brackets and simple 4 bolt assembly
-6an fuel supply port
-6an fuel return port plug
Two 1/8" NPT plugs
Six OEM manifold gaskets
Seven extended length zinc coated bolts
Seven zinc coated washers
Four fuel rail assembly bolts
Two nylon rail and manifold alignment pins

*Port Injection Controller install guides can be found here...

*These kits are available for off-road use only

*All port injection kits are built to order so please allow 2 business days for shipping.

*Ethanol Sensors don't actually read the ethanol content, the readings are based on the absence of gasoline, so if your fuel is contaminated, your ethanol readings may be artificially elevated.

$ 449.95
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