GTHaus Meisterschaft Exhaust for BMW M3 / M4 ( F80 / F82 ) GT Racing and GT2 package

Product Description

The GTHaus Meisterschaft Exhaust System is a must-have upgrade for the restrictive BMW F80/F82 M3 / M4 stock exhaust!  As a true race inspired exhaust system, the Meisterschaft Exhaust is very free flowing and features stainless construction designed to take performance to the next level. 

Each GTHaus Meisterschaft Exhaust system includes 76mm SR Pipes (connecting pipes) as an axle-back system with the option of full cat-back (65mm dual or single 90mm) or Turbo-back with catless downpipe and features your choice of optional tips to personalize the ultimate exhaust system specifically to your tastes.

GTHaus' all new GT Racing system for the F8x M3 and M4 is designed to provide the ultimate street performance for your vehicle. Increased from the OE 63mm piping, GTHaus' GT Racing unit features 76mm inlet piping that continues on into their dual velocity chamber design. GTHaus' velocity chambers have been engineered to maximize flow by accelerating the exiting exhaust gases, thus relieving back-pressure and resulting in higher power-output from the twin-turbocharged motor.

The exhaust note produced by the GT Racing is simply wonderful. Featuring a perfectly balanced sound spectrum from the lows to the highs the note of the GT Racing is pronounced, smooth, and aggressive.

Over the years, the M3 has been a widely popular track day car. As such, GTHaus kept track enthusiasts in mind while developing this new system. Here is where the GT2 Performance Package comes into play. When you order a Meisterschaft GT2 Package for your M3 or M4 you will receive a complete GT Racing exhaust system as pictured above, and in addition to the GT Racing system, you will receive a Super GT Performance X-Pipe section which serves as bolt-in substitute to the muffler canister on GTHaus' rear section and is great for track and high performance driving events.

Extract every bit of power your engine can produce with this new GTHaus Meisterschaft Sus GT Racing Performance Exhaust System for BMW F80; F82 M3 & M4!

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