GTHaus Meisterschaft Exhaust for BMW M3 / M4 ( F80 / F82 ) GTC EV controlled

Product Description

The GTHaus Meisterschaft Exhaust System is a must-have upgrade for the restrictive BMW F80/F82 M3 / M4 stock exhaust!  As a true race inspired exhaust system, the Meisterschaft Exhaust is very free flowing and features stainless construction designed to take performance to the next level. 

Each GTHaus Meisterschaft Exhaust system includes 76mm SR Pipes (connecting pipes) as an axle-back system with the option of full cat-back (65mm dual or single 90mm) or Turbo-back with catless downpipe and features your choice of optional tips to personalize the ultimate exhaust system specifically to your tastes.

The Meisterschaft GTC, featuring 100% manually operated electronic valve control to provide the most convenience to the user. Aggressive when YOU want it, quiet when you dont.

Our electronically controlled valve system on the Meisterschaft GTC gives you the best of both worlds. With the valves in the closed position, the GTC system produces a sound that is comparable to factory, convenient for your daily commute or any other situation where you find yourself needing to ‘quiet down’ your exhaust. Open the valves and the fun begins. In performance (open) mode, the Meisterschaft GTC brings out the sound and performance of a true M car: aggressive, exotic, perfection.

Featuring dual 76mm (3-inch) inlet piping, our Meisterschaft GTC optimizes flow in performance/open mode to bring the most out of the twin turbocharged 6-cylinder. This unit is available with either our 4x90mm or 4x102mm Round Split Meisterchaft signature tips.

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