Rogue Engineering Camber Plates - BMW E46 3 Series

Rogue Engineering Camber Plates - BMW E46 3 Series - Suspension - Studio RSR
Product Description

I don't have a racecar.  Why do I need a camber plate?

Most people think that camber plates are only for racecars.  This is NOT true.  When you lower a car (lowering springs or coilovers), the front wheels naturally get more negative camber...more than the factory designed.  While not a huge issue for handling, this can prematurely wear the inside of the tires.  Most people don't anticipate the cost of camber plates, until they wind up replacing their front tires in 2000 miles because they've run the insides down to the cords!  Only after buying new tires do they realized the requirement of camber plates, to bring their front alignment to factory settings.

There are a few reasons for the use of a camber plate:

  1. Adjusting alignment specifications back to factory specifications when a vehicle is lowered.
  2. Adjusting outside of factory alignment specifications, for performance advantages.

For those looking for both street and track advantages, camber plates allow you to have different camber settings (ie. one for track, one for street).  Note that these alignment settings require a 4 wheel alignment after installation.

$ 169.00
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