Lookbooks — BMW M3


Anthony's Widebody F30 Roll Cage by StudioRSR 0

StudioRSR is proud to showcase their Roll Cage for the BMW F30 340i Chassis on Anthony Z.'s Widebody F30. The StudioRSR Half Cage is a 100% bolt-in, 4-point design made to spec of the vehicle. Our client and friend Anthony (@BaggedB58) picked a white gloss color for his roll bar. Read more...

BMW F30 340i Roll Cage by StudioRSR


PSM Dynamic Widebody F80 M3 debuts with StudioRSR F80 M3 Roll Cage 0

In preparation for the 2018 LA Auto Show, PSM Dynamic again chose our StudioRSR Cartesian F80 M3 Roll cage for their debut. The very popular PSM Dynamic widebody M4's brought much attention and desire to PSM to create a widebody kit for the F80 M3. This car is the first released showcasing their artwork and our Cartesian roll cage. See it in person at this year's LA Auto Show.
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PSM F80 M3 widebody x StudioRSR

Ricky's fully-forged s65 VF650 E92 M3 | The Prodigal M3 returns to StudioRSR 0

Ricky bought this E92 M3 from his friend in LA while on a business trip because he couldn't pass up on the bargain. After all, who wants to fly back to Phoenix when you can drive back in a fully-built s65 650hp supercharged M3. On top of that, we found out that this particular car is the same that we built from the ground up for it's original owner over 3 years ago (see it on our homepage :). After passing down through 2 other owners, Ricky is now the proud owner of this beast and was randomly surprised to find that we were it's original creator. See More

M3 by StudioRSR

VF-Engineering BMW M4 RUN RALLY prep 0

VF-Engineering was kind enough to loan us their freshly tuned BMW M4 for the weekend to take to "The Mad Road: Run Rally". With VFE's Hex Flash GTS Performance software ECU Tune for BMW F8x M3 / M4 freshly loaded, all we had to do was a quick checkover and enjoy the complimentary drive. See More...

Jesus's E92 M3 build (Part 2) 0

After his first round of mods, some updates and a Rolloface SE Series BBK and more were added to further enhance this E92 M3's rhythm. See More...