Studio RSR geared up for Bimmerfest 2016 0

All new "Tesseract" F80 M3 and F82 M4 rollcages   E92 M3 widebody Hommage car   Trackside support

Bimmerfest 2016 x StudioRSR

California Coast Rally and Meet at Studio RSR HQ! 0

Studio RSR x Carninja x Euroklasse x BMWMNation

MFest F.M.Y. - First Meet of the Year at Savini Forged wheels 0

We had a great time at the Annual MFest First Meet of the Year seeing old friends and meeting new faces. The sun was out and the entire Savini parking lot was not even big enough to fit the ~400 cars in attendance.

Our friends at CarNinja were kind enough to share their coverage of the event: