Putting the VF x CSF Supra Manifold to the test on track: 1st Place at TRD Series!

StudioRSR secures 1st place in TRD Series the day following the testing of the new CSF x VF A90 Supra manifold!

  • Robert R

All 6 BMW M3 Generations lined up!

Are you as hardcore BMW fans as we are? 
We go over each M3 generation and talk a bit about some of the unique aspects of each M3.
See if you can answer all 6 of the Popquiz questions we put in the video! 
  • Robert R

2021 Bimmer Challenge Round 2 - Buttonwillow CW13

StudioRSR continues improving in the 2021 Bimmer Challenge by Speed Ventures. We were ecstatic to reach our personal goal of a 1:54 lap time as a 2 second increase from our last time at Buttonwillow with minimal changes to our setup, and we're currently tied in 1st place for the Season!

  • Robert R

Nyjah Huston's Audi R8 V10: FIRST DRIVE & Dyno session! (Ep. 3)

  • Robert R

F80 M3 - 4 Race Seats integrated to full weld-in Roll Cage Video Series

Part 1 - Gabe stops by StudioRSR to see the latest progress on his custom weld-in F80 M3 Roll Cage with Integrated mounts for 2x Rear Bucket seats!