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How we excel beyond your typical service center

Hands-on experience with several chassis and setups both on track and on the street has given our Performance Liaisons the knowledge needed to cultivate a comprehensive driving experience. We focus on building DRIVERS and OWNERS hand-in-hand with their cars in order to evolve as one. We provide the fullest ownership and customization/tuning experience for each of our clients worldwide, and we define success through achieving both yours and our Full Potential

Customer Service and Experience

Studio RSR caters to the entire spectrum of automobile ownership. Combining over 15 years of experience and Factory channels direct from manufacturers, Studio RSR is able to provide high quality parts, knowledge, and world-class, professional customer service. The associates and specialists comprising Studio RSR's staff use their first-hand experience and knowledge base to assist and advise to your specific needs tailored to your intended function and desire. 

Service and Innovation

We install everything we sell at our 8,500 square foot facility located in Orange County, CA. Whether you need a quick Oil Change, Suspension components and fine tuning, a Performance exhaust, Software Tuning, or a Custom Turbo/Supercharger system installed on your vehicle, we’re definitely the place!

Our base philosophy is
Maintenance ---> Modification ---> Innovation

Through direct relationships with manufacturers worldwide, Studio RSR remains at the forefront of all the latest technologies and products soon-to-be available, some of which we are proud to have a hand in developing on our own cars and through client partnerships. 


"It's one thing to race others; and a completely different thing to race yourself."
- StudioRSR, Founder and Owner


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