Lookbooks — VFE


BMW F10 M5 Hex Tuning ECU Flash 0

Within less than a few weeks of purchase, this F10 M5 was brought to us for some preparatory maintenance before all the power modifications purchased and planned were to be installed. This is the best way to modify any car and make sure the foundation is solid before building upon.


Will's E60 M5 | Carbon Fiber, Savini Wheels, VFE Tunes 0

Will came to us for some custom coding and decided to take his E60 M5 to another level. Check out the entire car with it's full Dinmann Carbon Fiber package, Savini wheels, and VF-Engineering Hex Tuning ECU and SMG tunes. See More...

VF-Engineering BMW M4 RUN RALLY prep 0

VF-Engineering was kind enough to loan us their freshly tuned BMW M4 for the weekend to take to "The Mad Road: Run Rally". With VFE's Hex Flash GTS Performance software ECU Tune for BMW F8x M3 / M4 freshly loaded, all we had to do was a quick checkover and enjoy the complimentary drive. See More...