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StudioRSR builds ESR Wheels MK5 Supra giveaway car! Episodes 1 & 2

StudioRSR is excited to announce this collaboration with ESR Wheels' ESR Race Studio (IG: studioesr) to build their first giveaway car! Unlike all of the numerous giveaway cars scattered over the webs, this is THE FIRST MK5 SUPRA giveaway car that you can watch being built! Watch the Series here:

StudioRSR: Project Silver Speed - MK5 Supra bolt-ons vs. Stock (Episode 2)

In Episode 2, we break our Personal Best lap time at Buttonwillow CW13 with a simple round of bolt-on mods! We've been trying to break into the sub-2 minute times at this track for years, and it's a testament to how well the MK5 Supra upgrades accentuate it's inherent design and handling characteristics. Watch and Read More below to see what we added on:

StudioRSR: Project Silver Speed - Supra track days Stock vs. Modded (Episode 1)

StudioRSR is excited to announce our MK5 Supra Project car for this year! Come along for the ride as we upgrade the A90 Supra. See More...

Part 1: Varis Widebody Supra (A90) - The Bolt-Ons

As we begin the evolution of Corina's (IG: @halo.halo.cor) A90 Supra that will ultimately be one of the first Varis Widebody Supras in the USA, the basic bolt-on mods are getting installed.

StudioRSR releases World's First A90 Supra bolt-in cage

Checkout some of the processes we use and challenges we overcame to create the World's First A90 Supra Roll Cage! Special Thank you to Jerel and his team at Feend Media to create this video for us. Follow his build on Instagram @supramk5