VF-Engineering E9x M3 NA Hex-Flash ECU Performance Software

Product Description

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ECU software for the BMW M3 was enhanced by Hex Tuning and VF engineers resulting in a noticeable increase in throttle response and power. Various enhancements included comprehensive Vanos re-calibration for aggressive intake and exhaust camshaft timing and effective cylinder filling.

This calibration was scientifically developed/tested and measured on a Mustang MD500-AWD chassis dyno using 91 octane. The top speed limiter was removed and combined with refined ignition, fuel and camshaft calibration.

Factory torque management has increased in complexity compared to prior generations of M3. Hex Tuning engineers understanding of the true design parameters and function rules allow them to fine tune and enhance the smoothness and transitioning of power (drivers torque request).  Many features are included with this software upgrade which give the user great features to enjoy.

Worldwide models of the M3 are applicable and the software is user programmable with the use of the Hex Flash programming cable included. The Hex Flash cable works in conjunction with a laptop and is used to read and write software from/to the vehicles computer (ECU). This allows the user to revert to original programming anytime they wish.

  • Automatic update to latest BMW software version
  • Vanos mapping enhancements
  • Igntition timing optimization
  • Fuel management re-calibration
  • Torque management optimization
  • Enhanced throttle response
  • Top speed limiter removed
  • Optional increased RPM limiter
  • Optional off-road exhaust calibration
  • Optional race gas mapping / custom tuning
  • Optional off-road cat-warm up sequence de-activation
  • Optional valet mode file
  • Optional immobilizer file
  • User programmable Hex Tuning cable included

Hex-Flash ECU Software upgrade specs:
Horsepower: ~435 SAE (approx. gain +15hp)
Torque: (approx. gain +12lb-ft)

$ 995.00
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