PURE Stage 2 Turbos for BMW N55

Product Description

"The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

-Engineered to reach 500+whp.-Utilizes all OEM housings. Appears unmodified stock from the outside. This is not a TD05 CHRA fitted into the housings like other Stage 2 offerings.

-Upgraded Point-Milled Billet Compressor Wheel

-Upgraded HiFlow Turbine Wheel

-Dual Compressor Oil Seals, Dual Turbine Oil Seals

-Large Diameter 360 Thrust Upgrade

-Extensive Turbofold Modifications and Machining

-VSR Balanced of course

We recommend our N55 High Flow Inlet Pipe with the Stage 2. The OE inlet pipe is restricted to a 1.85" inside diameter. 

The best N55 turbo upgrade money can buy! Available for ALL N55 CARS!!! 

Wastegate Actuator Type
Core Deposit - must match turbo you have
High Flow Inlet
$ 3,175.00
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