Brembo GT Big Brake kit 345mm 4-Pot - BMW E46 M3

Product Description

Brembo 345mm BBK (4 pot) for BMW E46 M3

The Brembo Gran Turismo High Performance Braking System offers significant advantages over the OE manufacturer's system - advantages far beyond what's simply known as "big brakes."

As the braking system's primary function is to dissipate heat, larger, more sophisticated discs are used in order to increase the fade resistance of the system. These discs are directionally vented for enhanced cooling, as well as drilled or slotted for improved consistency, continuously cleaning and refreshing the pad surface.

GT systems are revolutionary in their design and performance, and no other braking company has been able to offer this level of performance, range of configurations, and sheer number of applications. The GT systems exemplify Brembo's dominance as a world leader in high performance braking as an OEM supplier to a winning partner in motorsports.

Brembo develops brake systems for the top automotive manufacturers from all around the world. They have a unique relationship working directly with automotive manufacturers to develop high performance braking solutions specifically for your vehicle. You can rest assured that every system designed by Brembo is specifically tuned for your vehicle like no other braking system on the market.

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