CSF B58/B48 Front Mount Heat Exchanger

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The CSF B58 / B48 Triple Pass Charge Cooler Water Radiator is the ultimate cooling solution for race and high performance cars. With increased boost levels, maintaining a consistent intake air temperature throughout extended periods of high demand driving is key. Increased heat robs power in several ways, the main being that hotter air is less dense and results in less oxygen which is key for power and with the hotter air the risk of knock is also increased, to counter this the ECU will introduce its safety protocols to reduce power until the air is cool again. 
The CSF all-aluminum Heat Exchanger features an industry leading core design with CSF’s exclusive B-Tube technology along with an ultra-efficient multi-louvered fin height design. To further the cooling efficiency, the integrated three-pass flow system that guarantees the lowest possible outlet temperatures of any upgraded cooling system available for the platform today. 
  • World's largest 2-row core (68mm) 
  • CSF exclusive B-Tube technology 
  • Triple-pass flow structure allows the coolant to flow across the core of the radiator three times before exiting for lowest outlet temperatures possible
  • CNC machined “quick-connect” inlet/outlet connections
  • CNC machined brackets and fittings for superb fit and durability
  • Drop-in fit, requiring no modifications to install. Accepts all attaching OEM components including “quick-connect” hoses, mounting brackets, and shrouds
  • Available in Polished Silver or Black
Fits the following BMW vehicles:
  • 15-18 BMW 120i, 125i, M140i(x) (F20)
  • 15-18 BMW 120i, 125i, M140i(x) (F21)
  • 15-18 BMW 220i, 230i(x), M240i(x) (F22)
  • 15-18 BMW 220i, 230i(x), M240i(x) (F23)
  • 14-18 BMW 320i(x), 330e, 330i(x), 340i(x) (F30)
  • 14-18 BMW 320i(x), 330i(x), 340i(x) (F31)
  • 15-18 BMW 320i(x) GT, 330i(x) GT, 340i(x) GT (F34)
  • 15-18 420i(x), 430i(x), 440i(x) (F32)
  • 15-18 BMW 420i, 430i(x), 440i(x) (F33)
  • 15-18 BMW 420i(x), 430i(x), 440i(x) Gran Coupe (F36)
Replaces OEM part#: 17118741830
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