Rogue Engineering Adjustable Toe Arms - BMW E9x M3

Rogue Engineering Adjustable Toe Arms - BMW E9x M3 - Suspension - Studio RSR
Product Description

Rogue Engineering proud to introduce its E82/E9X adjustable rear toe arms.  These arms allow for greater toe adjustment for vehicles that have lowered on coilover suspension.  For E9X owners with just lowering springs, these are not a necessary requirement.

When an E9X is lowered beyond the limits of just lowering springs, the rear wheels toe-in excessively.  This excessive rear toe can cause increased tire wear (faster than more camber).  As an example, here are the specifications for the E9X M3.

Factory Toe Specs Value
Min +0.10
Max +0.20
Preferred +0.15

On a recent install of coilovers, we discovered that the toe of the rear wheels had an incurable +0.81 left and right toe.  Unfortunately, with the stock toe arms, we could not dial out the toe.  Therefore, creating a strong, more adjustable part was in order.

For standard spring-only suspension installs, there is enough adjustment in the factory toe arms to bring them back into spec.

The Right to Bear (Stronger) Arms
The sophisticated (and some say complicated) rear suspension of the current E9X will undoubtedly be replicated by many other companies in the future.  However, for those of us in the aftermarket, we're still learning about the little quirks of the suspension.  By applying our experience with our E46 suspension components, we have built arms that are strong and lightweight, while serving the needs of the rear suspension adjustments.

Our rear control arms are made from the highest quality components, from USA.

  • 100% machined and anodized, 6061-T6 lightweight aluminum arms
  • High-strength, 3 piece, rod end (with carbon fiber reinforced, PTFE race) offers longer life for street compared to standard rod ends
  • Seals-it Rod End Seals keep dirt, water and other contaminants out (Rogue Engineering is the ONLY company to incorporate this simple, yet effective item to extend the life of the rod end!)
  • Lighter than stock!  (Stock is 875g, RE arms are 640g)
  • Extremely easy installation and adjustment 
$ 249.99
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