Rogue Engineering Aluminum Rear Shock Mounts - BMW E30, E36, E46

Rogue Engineering Aluminum Rear Shock Mounts - BMW E30, E36, E46 - Suspension - Studio RSR
Product Description

Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mount Set includes:

  • Two (2) Rogue Engineering 6061-T6 CNC, Anodized Rear Shock Mounts
  • Four (4) Shore A 60 Rubber Bushings (stiffer TRACK versions available at extra cost) 
  • Two (2) 303 Stainless Steel Bushing Spacers (to be used with standard 10mm rear shocks, remove these for 12mm)
  • Four (4) 303 Stainless Steel Washers (2 required per mount)
  • Four (4) Yellow Zinc plated M8 serrated lock nuts
  • Two (2) Shock Tower Reinforcement Assemblies (with 10.9 hardware welded)
  • Two (2) factory gaskets

Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mount
By producing a rear shock machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, we are able to attain a more stable and stiffer platform which to mount the top of the rear shock.  However, rather than use race-only spherical bearings or even overly stiff urethane bushings, we specify Shore A 60 hardness rubber bushings (approximately 30% stiffer than the factory bushings) to allow for street comfort and compliance.   Our findings show that overly stiff urethane bushings do not allow the rear shock to move, making the attachment of the lower part of the shock under strain.

The construction of the aluminum shock mount plate and orientation of the bushings makes it impossiblefor the bushings to "pop out" in the manner which the factory style mounts fail.  Since the bushings are rubber, when they require replacement, rebuilding them takes only a matter of minutes.  Only 4 bushings require replacement (for a pair of RSMs) and are available at extra cost.

Other important details include the use of 303 stainless steel components (compression washers and spacers) for long-lasting corrosion resistance.  All other hardware is metric, and either Grade 8 or better, treated with a yellow zinc plating, again for corrosion resistance.

Protection and Quick Installation/Removal
Another unique feature is the reinforcement assembly which secures the rear shock mount to the vehicle.  By reinforcing the top of the shock tower in the vehicle, it protect against the rear shock from ripping out the sheet metal.  

Additionally, the reinforcement has its hardware welded to it, allowing for the rear shock mount to become a bottom-mount design.  This means that if the rear shocks need to be removed, it only requires removing the two nuts and the single bolt at the bottom of the shock.  Once installed, there is no need to completely disassemble the trunk area to gain access.  If being used with a rear strut tower brace, the reinforcement assembly may be mounted from the bottom, so that the rear shock mount can be secured in the traditional manner.

The Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mounts are designed to be used with standard 10mm shaft diameter rear shocks, but can also be used with 12mm shaft diameter shocks (shocks typically with top adjustments) with the use of optional top and bottom washers (or modifying the supplied ones, by opening them larger).  Simply removing the center stainless steel shaft of the assembly allows for the larger diameter shock to then be used.

Suspension Brand Rear Shock
Shaft Diameter
BMW OEM Shocks 10mm
H&R Coilovers 10mm
FK Coilovers 10mm
Raceland 10mm
ST Coilovers 10mm
KW Variant 1, 2, 3 10mm
Bilstein HD, Sport, PSS Coilvers 10mm
Koni Sport/Dinan 10mm
All AST 4XXX/5XXX Series 10mm
Tein (some) 12mm
TC Kline S/A or D/A 12mm
JRZ RS 12mm

The above list is meant as a guide.  If your application is not listed, measuring the OD of the rear shock shaft will determine how the RE RSM will need to be used to fit.

$ 99.00
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