Rogue Engineering Front Sway Bar - BMW E46 M3

Rogue Engineering Front Sway Bar - BMW E46 M3 - Suspension - Studio RSR
Product Description

Contracted by a well known US swaybar manufacturer, is the Rogue Engineering E46 M3 front bar.  This bar is mandrel bent with forged adjustable ends.  We increased the size from the factory's 26mm to 31mm, providing a significant decrease in front body roll reduction.

Instead of widely used 1018 cold rolled steel, we opted for a more expensive, stronger 4142 alloy steel.  1018 steel would have technically done the job, but given the option of a better material, we thought our customers would appreciate the extra mile.

To top it off, we supply new stainless steel brackets (to replace the failure-prone factory aluminum ones) with urethane bushings.  This is important especially when increasing the spring rate of the front bar as we have done.  While the stock, aluminum brackets can handle the job of a stock bar, the additional force exerted by the larger bar can break the factory bracket.  Unfortunately, replacing the bracket with new one doesn't do the trick as it may break again.  Replacing it with a stronger material is the correct course of action.

$ 309.00
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