Rolloface Wheels ZR-1 3-piece Forged

Product Description

Rolloface Performance is proud to announce their latest product, RF ZR1 3-Piece Aluminum Forged Wheel. This kit is researched and developed in house with 3 years track experience, which means it is not only eye catching, but also fully functional. Fully customized width, offset and colors, track tested and light weight, high stability and durable during high speed. Made in USA product.

All Rolloface wheels are made in-house by Rolloface, and all sets are made-to-order.

19 inches wheel
Width up to 14 inches
Customized offset

The Finish:
Powder Coating Finish
Customized colors up to 3-tone colors

Optional Part:
Titanium wheel bolts

i.e. 19 x 10.5 ET 0 weights 23 lbs
19 x 12 ET -40 weights 27 lbs

**Prices shown are base pricing without any customizable options added.
***Picture may vary from actual product. Please contact Studio RSR for exact pricing.

$ 1,099.50 $ 1,125.00
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