The first couple of modifications we made onto James Mk5 Supra was our StudioRSR 4-Point Roll Cage, Sparco Evo L Seats and Sparco 5-point harnesses.

Sparco Evo L Seats are a popular choice for performance- oriented vehicles due to their lightweight design and excellent support, which can improve lap times and overall driving performance and the Sparco 5-point harnesses are an essential safety upgrade for any vehicle that will tracking.

And of course safety comes first when building a track car so we Installed our (V1) MK5 Supra 4-Point Roll Cage. It is made from DOM Stainless Steel and is designed to be bolted directly to the chassis of the vehicle. Our roll cage provides increased rigidity to the chassis, which can improve handling and overall performance.

Toyota A90/A91 Supra – Studio RSR

Moving onto suspension we installed the MCS 2-way coil overs. One of the key benefits of MCS 2-way coilovers is their adjustability. The damping can be adjusted independently for compression and rebound, allowing the driver to fine tune their suspension setup for different track conditions or driving styles.

Toyota A90/A91 Supra – Studio RSR

We also installed the CSF Billet MK5 Supra Manifold. It's an excellent aftermarket cooling part for anyone looking to improve their Supra's performance. With its unique design and high-quality construction, this manifold can help to increase power output and improve overall engine performance.

CSF billet Supra manifold for A90 / A91 MK5 Supra (Port Injection integrated) – Studio RSR

Lastly we threw on a set of black Titan7wheels T-D6 FORGED 6 SPOKE, Wrapped with Nankang CR-S.

Toyota A90/A91 Supra – Studio RSR

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