Another (A90) MK5 Supra in for the Works!

Today we had a beautiful Absolute zero A90 in for a powerhouse of upgrades including Evolution Racewerks Catless downpipe, AFE Takeda Intake System, AFE Charge pipe , Motorsports hardware stud conversion and lastly a nice set of HKS Adjustable lowering springs. Going in depth with each part, the Catless downpipe will give your a90 a much more aggressive exhaust sound while allowing a less restricted flow through the exhaust since the cat is being removed. As for the AFE Intake system, its a simple drop in replacement using the OEM mounting points and inlet. Then we have the HKS adjustable springs which allow for a range of adjustment whether you would like to be as low as possible or looking for the perfect fitment for a aftermarket set of wheels, this car was lowered about 1/4 inch from its lowest setting giving it that prefect functional look with no rubbing. To finish off the install we added Motorsport Hardware stud conversion and lug nuts to not only make the wheels much easier to swap on and off but the tensile strength of the stud to lug nuts are much stronger.








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