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2x Huracan ECU software tunes | VF-Engineering 0

Shortly after succesfully preparing his Lamborghini Huracan LP-610 with high performing Motul 300V engine oil and having StudioRSR provide and install an Armytrix Exhaust, our delighted customer returned to StudioRSR with his friend who had recently purchased an identical LP-610; both eager to upgrade performance. See More... 

Huracan ECU tuning VF-Engineering and StudioRSR-1

BMW F10 M5 Hex Tuning ECU Flash 0

Within less than a few weeks of purchase, this F10 M5 was brought to us for some preparatory maintenance before all the power modifications purchased and planned were to be installed. This is the best way to modify any car and make sure the foundation is solid before building upon.


Ricky's fully-forged s65 VF650 E92 M3 | The Prodigal M3 returns to StudioRSR 0

Ricky bought this E92 M3 from his friend in LA while on a business trip because he couldn't pass up on the bargain. After all, who wants to fly back to Phoenix when you can drive back in a fully-built s65 650hp supercharged M3. On top of that, we found out that this particular car is the same that we built from the ground up for it's original owner over 3 years ago (see it on our homepage :). After passing down through 2 other owners, Ricky is now the proud owner of this beast and was randomly surprised to find that we were it's original creator. See More

M3 by StudioRSR

Will's E60 M5 | Carbon Fiber, Savini Wheels, VFE Tunes 0

Will came to us for some custom coding and decided to take his E60 M5 to another level. Check out the entire car with it's full Dinmann Carbon Fiber package, Savini wheels, and VF-Engineering Hex Tuning ECU and SMG tunes. See More...

R8 V10 Supercharger Project (Part 1) 0

This 2010 R8 V10 was delivered from out-of-state for a full round of performance and aesthetic upgrades. The VF750 supercharger is just one of the few key components of turning this R8 into a 200+MPH competitive machine ready for any road or track. Read More and Stay Tuned!

StudioRSR: Supercharged R8 V10 plus more