Shortly after succesfully preparing his Lamborghini Huracan LP-610 with high performing Motul 300V engine oil and having StudioRSR provide and install an Armytrix Exhaust, our delighted customer returned to StudioRSR with his friend who had recently purchased an identical LP-610; both eager to upgrade performance. 

Huracan ECU tuning VF-Engineering and StudioRSR-1

In addition to the Motul 300V series oil upgrade as well in the Giallo Horus Huracan, StudioRSR was able to utilize it's experience and locality to VF-Engineering to use the VF HEX Tuning naturally-aspirated ECU software tune. Combined with a set of VF spec'd K&N high flow air filters to feed the V-10 powerplant's voracious appetite, both Huracan LP-610's are now making an additional +50hp and +50tq over the factory performance. The Hex Tuning ECU tune for the Huracan not only adds HP and TQ, but also optimizes this power within a very noticeable and usable power band in addition to the upgraded throttle mapping. 

With VF-Engineering only a mile away from StudioRSR's facility, a quick pit stop at an open cargo loading dock area to snap some photos was deemed necessary, but our session also turned out to be a nice opportunity for a sound check comparison between the stock LP-610 exhaust and the titanium system outfitted by Armytrix (Video coming soon). What ensued afterwards was nothing short of complete thunder! With the exhaust now working in a harmonious balance with a proper tune, next in the works will be supplementing more power with a supercharger kit. 

Huracan Armytrix exhaust StudioRSR VF-Engineering Huracan tuning

Lamborghini Huracan ECU tuning by VF-Engineering and StudioRSR

Lamborghini ECU tuning at StudioRSR

Huracan tune at StudioRSR and VF-Engineering software


Huracan ECU software tune by VF-Engineering at StudioRSR

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