Widebody E90 N54 build - StudioRSR's Ring Taxi

These days when you hear "n54 build", most often, thoughts of 1/4 mile times and roll racing come to mind. After building and upgrading multitudes of their customers' n54 cars through the years, StudioRSR wanted to build their own N54 project with a different goal in mind to exemplify their track/road racing philosophy and adhere to Street Class regulations for most Time Attack competitions.

StudioRSR also plans to give ride-alongs to people at the track. Inspired by BMW's own practice of giving test rides at the Nurburgring with their 4-door cars, StudioRSR named this project in honor of that theme **Note the Uber sticker in the windshield :) 

Under the hood, the car remained fully stock in terms of power upgrades until the car's over all track setup ends up justifying the need for more power. To combat the heat from racing on the track, a full CSF Cooling package was chosen complete with upgraded Intercooler, transmission cooler, and full-aluminum engine radiator. 

For some added performance, an MHD ECU backend flash configured for the stock exhaust, engine, and turbos was used. 

To accomodate a wider track width and allow for wider tires, a StreetFighter LA widebody was chosen. The widebody by StreetFighter LA is a complete 10-piece full replacement kit, except for the rear flares. This means the factory body panels can be completely removed without permanent modification and replaced with the upgraded StreetFighter LA pieces.

Widebody E90-StudioRSR

ABS Autobody in El Monte, CA was chosen to mold the rear flares and complete most of the installation of the replacement panels. Their careful craftsmanship and attention to detail made the installation of the widebody kit easy and aesthetically correct. 

Widebody E90 StudioRSR-2
With only 1 week left before Bimmerfest 2019, the car was sent directly to WrapArmor in Anaheim, CA to begin the wrap and livery. The availability of the unique color by Avery Dennison made the timeline even more of an issue and it was then decided to bring the car back to StudioRSR to complete the wrap simultaneously along with all of the other upgrades still not installed on the car. 

Overnight in a span of 15 hours, the "Ring Taxi" began to come to life with all the parts sitting and ready to get installed.

First, KW Suspension's V3 Clubsport coilover system was hand-delivered by KW to StudioRSR to make it in time for the debut at Bimmerfest 2019. As a direct replacement for the factory struts, the V3 Clubsport coilovers were a breeze to install and will provide the most affective upgrade for the track to handle the Ring Taxi's modifications. 

Label Gruppe's 3-piece forged "Turbines" were chosen to accentuate and compliment the "old-school" theme of the build. Falken Tire's RT-615K wrap the Label Gruppe Turbines and allow the car to stay within Time Attack Street Class regulations at 200 tread wear. 

A Motorsport Hardware stud-conversion and their extended "Titan" nuts secure the larger wheels and tires to the car and were chosen because of their proven ability to maintain their securing torque throughout multiple track sessions. 

A Carbon Fiber GTS rear wing was installed to provide some added downforce. 

Inside the car, Sparco EVO II bucket seats replaced the heavy factory front driver and passenger seats. Mashimarho provided some of the other interior aesthetic upgrades.

Naturally, StudioRSR installed their own 4-point Cartesian E90 rollbar for added safety and protection. The rollbar was left unfinished to showcase the quality of their welding and production methods. 

After a 15 hour stretch and the whole team working on 2x other clients' Bimmerfest project cars to debut the next morning, the "Ring Taxi" was completed at 5:30am with just enough time for everyone to take showers, grab a quick snack for breakfast, and head straight to Bimmerfest in Fontana to enjoy the show. 

Stay Tuned in 2020 to see how the Ring Taxi fairs throughout the Bimmer Challenge season and in other track/time attack events! 

Special Thank You to:

Chris Robles (co-owner/builder of the vehicle)
Lee and Dylan from StreetFighter LA
Kevin at ABS Autobody
Mike and Takumi at WrapArmor
Frank at KW Suspension
Don and Jeremy at Falken Tire
David at Label Gruppe and MV Forged
Sean at Mashimarho
Cecil at Motorsport Hardware
Ravi at CSF Radiators

Jerry Chavez and Jem Quesada for delivering the GTS wing
Adrian Ramirez at StudioRSR
Cody Nowlin at StudioRSR

Photography by: Renz Dimaandal
Words by: Robert Robles

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