Nyjah Huston brought his 2010 R8 V10 to StudioRSR for a new round of mods. He told us to go BIG! so we decided on a VF-Engineering R8 Supercharger. In this episode, we take Nyjah's car to VF-Engineering to get a baseline dyno to see how healthy the car is in it's current form and get a naturally aspirated reading.

Nik Saran, founder & owner of VF-Engineering discusses some of the technical aspects about the car, mods, and how to properly dyno a car. With the mods that Nyjah already has on the car, it made more HP than expected!

Stay Tuned for more Episodes! as we progress through Nyjah's build:
- Supercharger unboxing
- Supercharger install & after dyno
- Prior Design Widebody kit, and more 

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