DTM Tribute Motorsport 1991 M3 Race car

So many lucky E30 M3 owners (and some fanboys) pay tribute to the original DTM-dominating M3 from the "Golden Era" of DTM by adding the Warsteiner or Jagermeister liveries to their OEM or modded E30 M3's. When motorsport professional Ton Vink set out to build his dream, he had other plans laid out to build the ultimate DTM Tribute E30 M3. He did not disappoint. 
Photo Credit: Image Street Classics (above and below)
Unlike most of the tribute cars built, this specific example was built from the ground-up from an actual ex-DTM competition car. While the shell was too far from being restored, most of the original DTM parts were reconditioned and remain. Official FIA paperwork certifies all of it. 
Along with all the original DTM parts, the originality was maintained and enhanced with modern performance additions. Most importantly though, the original heart of the beast remains with the S14 in full-race trim sporting the EVO Carbon Airbox. The upgraded aluminum radiator improves cooling and the billet aluminum overflow tank helps preserve the high quality. The under-driven alternator pulley hints to how this car is meant live at high RPM. The S14 expels it's air through an original Boysen 1991 DTM-spec exhaust system.

One of our favorite touches is the cage and additional bracing through the firewall connected to the front strut towers.  
Photo Credit: DPC Cars (above and below)
Inside the "cockpit" the functional motorsport goodies continue. A lightweight carbon dashboard houses Stack VDO gauges with the original housings and loom. Flowing from the dashboard, the door panels are also made from Carbon. The "pilot" and lucky passenger sit in RaceTech seats. An OMP steering wheel connects the driver to the car.
Not many street components remain underneath.

If we didn't have our own '89 M3 build, we'd be doing the numbers right now to see if we can afford the €125,000.00 price tag ($138k USD). 
We love this car and look forward to/hope the next owner puts it to good use! 

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Photos by: Mike Roelofs

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