The 4-Pin Crank Hub takes us less than 8 hours to install, we prefer and offer a 2-day turnaround time to maintain quality & precision in consideration of and with the other work we have scheduled for you and other clients. 
We offer DISCOUNTED LABOR up to 50% OFF on all other parts you want installed at the same time/appointment for your crank hub! 

Schedule your Crank Hub upgrade today!

BMS Oil Catch Can keeps oil out of your S55 intake manifold without having to modify the factory PCV lines. A few benefits for having the BMS Catch can are Increased Air Intake Efficiency, Promotes Engine Longevity, Non-Clogging Air/Oil Separation Double Baffle & More.

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BMS S55 Performance Intakes Gain up to 10+whp at 25psi+ boost level along with terrific sound. Intake temperature testing found no significant difference from the factory intake during both sustained cruise and full-throttle operation.

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BMS Charge pipes & J-pipe are made from heavy-duty aluminum and are designed with CNC flanges and a protruding lip for a secure OEM like fit and we've also incorporated a pre-capped 1/8" NPT bung into each pipe.
Phoenix Racing S55 Top Mount cooler Features a 60% larger high density core, cast end tanks with integrated flow diverters, dual-pass design, fully sealed gasket free aluminum construction.

For TUNNING we went ahead and got him hooked up with a JB4 Tuner. Gains are up to 80whp/100tq on pump gas and up to 120whp/140wtq on higher octane or E85 mixtures without the risks of flashing!

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