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Bill's F80 M3 Quick Release Roll Cage by StudioRSR 0

We've often get asked how long it takes to install our cage, and surprisingly, we've gotten asked just as many times how long does it take to un-install. We decided to test our new "Quick-Release" option on Bill's F80 Track Car who had previously had reservations about the cage. As soon as we came up with this design that allows the cage to be removed in less than 20 minutes, Bill jumped on-board right away.  Read more... 

Bill's F80 M3 roll bar by StudioRSR

Cartesian CWC: F80 M3 Full Cage 6-point 0

StudioRSR is proud to announce the release of their all new F80 M3 Roll Cage in full 6-point configuration. The popularity of the Cartesian M3 roll cage in 4-point configuration led to the development of the CWC full 6-point cage for the BMW F80 M3.
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F80 M3 full cage

Adrian's Ford Fiesta ST roll cage by StudioRSR 1

Adrian (IG: @eco_bash) came to StudioRSR with his Ford Fiesta ST to have the first ever StudioRSR Ford Fiesta roll cage designed and installed. StudioRSR was able to retain the full interior for the Ford Fiesta making the Fiesta roll cage. A custom red gloss finish was chosen to match Adrain's color of the car.
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Max's MK7 Roll Cage by StudioRSR 0

Max brought his GTI MK7 to StudioRSR looking to add to his mod list for 2018. He left with a 4 point half cage and a custom high pass rear section. Max chose a custom candy red gloss finish to match the style & interior of the car. Read more...

Volkswagon GTI MK7 roll cage by StudioRSR

Allroad Outfitters' Widebody S3 debuts StudioRSR Audi S3 Roll cage / Roll Bar 0

Audi S3 Roll cage by StudioRSR for Allroad Outfitters Widebody-1