Bill's F80 M3 Quick Release Roll Cage by StudioRSR

We've often get asked how long it takes to install our cage, and surprisingly, we've gotten asked just as many times how long does it take to un-install. We decided to test our new "Quick-Release" option on Bill's F80 Track Car who had previously had reservations about the cage. As soon as we came up with this design that allows the cage to be removed in less than 20 minutes, Bill jumped on-board right away. 

BMW F80 M3 roll cage by StudioRSR-1


By adding our proprietary interlocking tubing clamps to the bottom of the main hoop, the main hoop can be removed quickly with only 4 bolts. The main mounts for the cage stays bolted to the chassis and the main hoop comes out without having to remove anything (sedans only; coupes will require passenger seat to be removed). 

BMW F80 M3 Roll Cage by StudioRSR-2

BMW F80 M3 Roll Cage by StudioRSR-3BMW F80 M3 Roll Cage by StudioRSR

Bill's F80 M3 Roll Cage by StudioRSR-3

Bill's F80 M3 Roll Cage by StudioRSR-2

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