Cartesian CWC: F80 M3 Full Cage 6-point

StudioRSR is proud to announce the release of their all new F80 M3 Roll Cage in full 6-point configuration. The popularity of the Cartesian M3 roll cage in 4-point configuration led to the development of the CWC full 6-point cage for the BMW F80 M3. 

F80 M3 full cage

Exacting fitment and symmetrical roof/dash bars are a key feature to the StudioRSR Roll Cage front section. 

F80 M3 full cage front section
As seen above, a cross bar is perfectly placed as needed lateral reinforcement. The windshield cross bar does not obstruct any of the rear-view mirror field of vision or the forward windshield field of vision. Unlike many other full roll cages, the clearance between the steering wheel to the driver's side bar is more than enough in order to allow for unhindered hand movements during high-performance driving. Additionally, many "6-point" roll cages are named so just because of added front door-bar sections. The StudioRSR Full cage has the benefits of the door-bars plus the full roof/dashboard and windshield cross bars.

Even with all these additions, the Cartesian CWC is fully reversible and allows for 100% of the interior to be kept in the car without any compromise to comfort or permanent changes besides small cuts in the carpet for the mounting plate. These small cuts in the carpet are no longer visible and are covered by the floor mats if/when the cage is removed. 

Also debuting on this car is StudioRSR's new 6-piece rear seat delete finished in high quality suede. The 1st version of the StudioRSR rear seat delete was a simple 2-piece design, but now with reinforced bracketry and countersink hardware, this new Version 2 rear seat delete is much more heavy duty and retains a cleaner overall look. 

StudioRSR rear seat delete

StudioRSR M3 rear seat delete

StudioRSR would like to give Special Thanks to Nick Tatu for allowing them to design the full cage and rear seat delete on his car, as well as providing most of these high quality images. Follow him on Instagram @quietf80

StudioRSR F80 M3 roll cage Imola Red

StudioRSR M3 roll cage

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