CSF Radiators brings their all-new BMW S58 intake manifold for the G8x M3/M4 to test and perfect with StudioRSR. 

The CSF Heat Exchanger upgrade for the G8x M3 / M4 is a massive difference in size and performance. With a top-of-the-line bar and plate core developed and manufactured by Formula 1 supplier, PWR, this allows the IAT to hold up much longer before the thermal capacity is exceeded and the heat cascade ultimately saps the power & quality of combustion. A cooler Intake Air Temperature (IAT) is what tuners aim for in order to make more power consistently. Not only does it allow for more aggressive tuning, but will prevent heat soak during extended periods of hard driving. When doing performance modifications without upgrading the cooling systems the amount of heat built up from the compressed air will rise and end in resulting loss of power via the ECU's control systems.

Furthermore, the Billet construction of CSF’s S58 manifold is capable of withstanding over 4x the pressures of the factory’s plastic manifold which have been known to fail at just 27psi. 

The new CSF G8x M3 / M4 Intake Manifold is 1 part of a 4-Piece cooling package soon to hit the market, but is the latest halo-product to come from the cooling experts at CSF. 

The extreme attention to detail during the engineering and design of the manifold allows it to be installed without custom tuning for G8x M3 / M4 owners who are either ready for Port Injection or not. For those who are ready to take it to the limit, 6x NOS or Methanol ports are machined and ready allowing owners to no longer have to live with a single nozzle. The 6 ports on the manifold are placed for each cylinder to prevent from having to worry about even distribution. For those doing Port Injection, the fuel rail is provided with ORB fittings as well as plugs for those who simply want all the benefits of the extreme cooling without port injection or methanol/nos. 

Just in time for Monterrey Car Week, IND Style brought their amazing British Racing Green to Southern California to allow CSF and StudioRSR to work the magic. The first production S58 manifold was installed and ready to debut without any issues thanks to the exemplary preparation by the team at CSF to have all the hardware and first production parts ready for StudioRSR to install. 

Watch some behind the scenes and an Exclusive Chat with CSF’s CEO, Ravi Dolwani: https://youtu.be/w6xJC4mrILA

CLICK HERE for detailed list of Technical Features & Benefits.




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