StudioRSR is proud to announce and provide the new CSF Radiators x VF-Engineering MK5 Supra Intake Manifold.

Our MK5 Supra project "Silver Speed" was used for the initial measurements, and recently, the first prototype was test-fitted and with the help of MotoIQ, validated for performance on VF-Engineering's Dynojet.

Here are some of the features of the new CSF x VF Supra manifold:
- Dual Pass / Dual Core internal heat exchanger
- Port Injection ports integrated w/fuel rail included
- 6-port NOS or Methanol injection capable
- CNC machined Billet manifold
- CFD Designed w/internal divider plate for equal distribution of airflow/cooling
- Direct OEM / Factory placement of throttle body and accessories
- Fits with factory engine cover
- For pricing, shipping and/or installation Click Here
Package bundles with Port Injection and/or CSF's full line of A90 Supra cooling upgrades available through StudioRSR

After 70+ hard, full-throttle pulls with periodic 30 second cool-down times, the manifold yielded 30 degree F cooler intake air temperatures (IATs) and a +26hp/+11wtq on a standard 91 octane "stage 2" tune. (scroll down for dyno plot)

The versatility and extreme attention to detail during the engineering and design of the manifold allows it to be installed without the need for custom tuning for MK5 Supra owners who are not yet going to be doing Port Injection and/or nos/methanol. For those with flex-fuel sensors, the manifold is designed to fit with no intrusion. For those looking to do NOS or Methanol, you no longer have to live with a single nozzle. The 6 ports on the manifold are placed for each cylinder to prevent from having to worry about even distribution. For those doing Port Injection, the fuel rail is provided with -8ORB fittings. (StudioRSR is providing packages/bundles including everything you need to run Port Injection and more.

For added performance, CSF's dual core design means even distribution of the cooled air. The factory manifold design has the cooled water traveling across all 6 cylinders and absorbing heat along it's travel. The internal dual cores inside CSFxVF's manifold allow for the water to travel only across 3 cylinders each, leading to lower, more even air temperatures. The CFD-designed shape of the internals provides even distribution of airflow to each cylinder across the board using VF-Engineering's technical expertise to engineer and place an internal divider plate and a "speed pocket" to increase air velocity for the cylinders closest to the firewall where the external dimensions of the manifold hinder the usable space inside the manifold.

The manifold is a direct OEM replacement, retaining the factory placement of the throttle body and surrounding accessories with no re-routing of any hoses, pipes, or wiring. Additionally, the OEM engine cover still fits!

For more details, or any questions, don't hesitate to Contact Us!
Call: 1-844-991-5582

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