GT Haus provides exhaust systems for M3/M4 owners of the whole spectrum. After many prototypes and countless hours of tuning and refinement, Meisterschaft has been able to offer a complete product lineup for the latest BMW F82 M4 and F80 M3 generations. Whether your car is a weekend cruiser, daily commuter, or occasional track day toy, Meisterschaft has developed 3 options for rear sections, 2 options for mid pipes, cat-less downpipes, and many different tip styles to choose from to achieve the style and tone you desire.

Key Features:
  • Lightweight Design (up to 75% weight savings with Ti units)
  • Made from T304 SUS or Ti from Shin Nippon Steel
  • High Grade glass wool pack used to withstand extreme temperatures 
  • Hand-crafted with the best materials to ensure top quality 


GTC (Electronic Valve Controlled) 
The Meisterschaft GTC exhaust features 100% manually activated electronic valve control to allow drivers to have the convenience to change tone of their exhaust on the fly. With the valves in the closed position, the GTC system produces a sound that is comparable to factory, convenient for your daily commute or any other situation where you find yourself needing to 'quiet down' your exhaust. In the open mode, the Meisterschaft GTC brings out the true sound and performance of a BMW M car: aggressive, exotic, perfection.

GTC Exhaust Key Features:

  • 100% manually operated EVC
  • Dual 76mm inlet piping 
  • Section 2 76mm SR pipes included for easy install



GT Racing Exhaust  

The Meisterschaft GT Racing exhaust is designed to provide the ultimate performance for your vehicle. This system features 76mm inlet piping like the GTC system but differs by continuing into their dual velocity chamber design. The velocity chambers have been engineered to maximize flow by accelerating the exiting exhaust gases, thus relieving back-pressure and resulting in higher power-output from the twin-turbocharged motor. Featuring a perfectly balanced sound spectrum from the lows to the highs the note of the GT Racing is pronounced, smooth, and aggressive. 

GT2 Performance Package (GT+GT2)

When you order the Super GT package, you receive the GT Racing system, and in addition, you will also get the Super GT Performance X-Pipe, which substitutes the muffler canister. The Super GT Peformance X-Pipe not only increases high-end power output, but also serves as a sprung weight reduction, making it perfect for track day use! The simple bolt-in design allows the two parts to be interchanged in a matter of 10-15 minutes.

 Super GT (GT+GT2) Racing Exhaust Key Features:

  • Dual 76mm inlet piping
  • Dual velocity chambers
  • Lightweight Design
  • Interchangeable exhaust canisters


Want even more power?

Meisterschaft also offers a dual 65mm or single 90mm L.X. pipes (midpipes) as well as cat-less downpipes that bolt up with any exhaust option you choose. Both variations of the L.X. pipes utilize a velocity box for either optimized torque or power.

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