Introducing Meisterschaft’s GTC (EV Control) and Super GT Racing exhaust systems for the BMW F10 M5! Designed and created with performance, quality and sound in mind. With over a 30 horsepower gain, this exhaust is sure to not disappoint!

GTC (EVC) vs. Super Light GT Racing:
Meisterschaft engineered the Super Light GT Racing and GTC (EV Control) for the F10 M5 to provide as much performance gains one can receive from an exhaust system alone while intensifying the vehicle’s exotic exhaust note. The main difference between the two systems is that the GTC (EV Control) is equipped with electric valves which opens and closes with a flick of a switch inside the vehicle cabin (or by our optional wireless remote upgrade).

With the valves fully open, the GTC (EV Control) exhaust system will provide you with all the performance gains the Super Light GT Racing exhaust system puts out. But, with the valves fully closed on the GTC (EV Control), the vehicle will sound as quiet as the OEM exhaust and you can drive comfortably.

LXR Pipe with Velocity Box:

The LXR Pipe replaces stock exhaust piping starting from the primary catalytic converters and ends where it attaches to the SR pipes of the rear mufflers. Our engineers designed the LXR Pipe for maximum performance. They achieved these results by eliminating the restrictive factory resonator and increased the piping diameter from 79-80mm (OE) to 89-92mm.

Larger piping diameter combined with the Velocity Box (which creates a vortex-like effect) reduces back pressure and causes the exhaust gasses to pass through at a higher rate of flow.



Hear it for yourself! 

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