Part 1: Alex Choi M2 Stage 2 Widebody build | StudioRSR

Having installed a Binarium M2 roll cage in Alex Choi's M2 last year, Alex returned to StudioRSR in 2018 for his second round of upgrades in preparation for the LA Auto Show. PSM Dynamic also came to StudioRSR to install their M2 Widebody kit after the Pure Stage 2 turbos and full CSF M2 cooling package was completed. We had less than 7 days to complete this build! 

Alex Choi M2 built by StudioRSR

Alex Choi M2 by StudioRSR

Alex Choi at StudioRSR

The car, and Alex, arrived at 11pm after CSF personally dropped off the entire slew of M2 cooling parts including an upgraded M2 Intercooler, M2 Front mount heat exchanger, and M2 Oil Cooler. When Alex showed up at StudioRSR, he had his Pure Stage 2 turbo in-hand + a multitude of unexpected items like rolls of wrap, his own set of tools, tail lights, and a lot of other parts which gave clue to what was about to be undertaken. 

Alex Choi M2 project at StudioRSR

Teardown and work on the car began immediately after a nice dinner was provided by Alex via PostMates from Benihana's (Pro-tip: do not get Benihana's delivered, always eat in-house)

Alex Choi Pure Stage 2 for M2

Alex Choi x CSF M2 upgrades

The Pure Stage 2 turbos were installed in 1.5 days along with the full CSF cooling package. 

In the midst of all this action, Alex himself slowly wrapped his car panel by panel to our delighted surprise. Soon enough, Mo from PSM Dynamic also came in to finalize the installation of their M2 Widebody kit. (Mind you- all of this happening between 8pm-5am :) 

Alex Choi M2 PSM Widebody

With more sections of the car wrap completed, the LCI Tail Light Retrofit was the next challenge. Some quick custom re-wiring and coding by CodeMyCar was done and the LCI tail lights worked like a charm.

Alex Choi M2 LCI Tail lights

Skol wheels and Michelin Pilot Super Sport 4S tires were mounted and balanced by Avant Garde Exotics and installed onto the car at StudioRSR
Alex Choi M2 Skol wheels

 Shortly after, all the trims, interior bits, and small touches were completed:
Alex Choi StudioRSR M2 roll cage

After all, everything came together just in time to make to it's debut at the 2019 LA Auto Show along with 2x other PSM Dynamic Widebody debut cars (F80 M3 widebody and GTR Widebody also featuring StudioRSR roll cages)

Alex Choi M2 built at StudioRSR

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